Welcome to Mid-City Midwives!   We are excited for the opportunity to enter into private practice with the physicians and nurse practitioners of Mid-City OB/GYN. Marilyn Lowe, Cece Norton, Bridget Wieczorek, Erin Lavin and Amanda Lura, formally the Methodist Midwives, will now provide antenatal and well woman care in a new clinic setting. We will continue to deliver at Methodist Women’s Hospital but have chosen to join a private clinic. We are excited to practice the collaborative care model, a new and innovative model of heath care where physicians and midwives work as partners.

Collaborative care is considered by many to be the future model in obstetrics. It is being championed as a critical strategy for improving health care outcomes in the medical literature. Studies have shown that collaborative care lowers the risk of cesarean section and unnecessary procedures.

Midwives have long been considered as the experts in childbirth in low risk women. When complications arise, however, it is essential that women have access to physicians to provide the best possible outcome for mother and baby. In 2015, a documentary was released that showcases collaborative care. Mama Sherpa, has been presented in theaters and in private viewings all over the country. This documentary is available for viewing on Amazon.

In our practice the midwives work as a group for prenatal care. You will have the opportunity to get to know each one of us to ensure that you have a familiar face present at your birth. All five midwives have the same philosophy of childbirth. We consider labor and birth to be an individual experience, yours alone, and we are there to support you.

We are fortunate to have competent medical providers that support us in our decisions, ready to assist when called upon, to ensure a safe passage in childbirth.

We hope to see you soon as we embark on our new venture!