The Midwife Experience

Many women seem to be searching for something more from their birth experience.  How is having a baby with a nurse midwife different? Midwives have a different viewpoint of birth.  We see childbirth as a normal physiologic event in a woman’s life.  As archaic as it sounds we feel women were designed efficiently to give birth.  Sure things can happen but for the most part having a baby is a normal and expected event in a woman’s life.

Most women choose us for 2 reasons.  The first is for the care we provide in the months leading to the birth.  We take your blood pressure, monitor your weight, and listen to your baby’s heart beat like everyone else but the focus is different in our visits.  We teach our clients about their changing bodies, what’s normal and what isn’t.  We talk about nutrition.  We discuss birth options and help formulate a plan for each family.  We review the labor process and what to expect.  Most importantly, we provide extra time to answer your questions or just chat about your family or your emotional state.

The second reason women choose midwives is for support during labor.  If you choose to have a natural childbirth we are there beside you to help you get through it.  We guide women through labor using techniques that have been passed on since the beginning of time.  Most midwives are present from the time you start needing help to get through your contractions, through the delivery, and into the first hour or two postpartum to help with breastfeeding.

Some of our patients choose to have an epidural during labor.  The midwives at Mid-City OBGYN believe that childbirth is your experience.  Only you can judge your pain or discomfort and our role is to support you, even if your plan changes.

If you find the trend to a more holistic approach in your healthcare is what you have been searching for, maybe a nurse midwife experience is something to consider.  We work hard to make your birth story something you’ll never forget and want to work WITH you to make this happen.