Christmas is a crazy time of year.  It can be a little tough and extremely exhausting when you‘re pregnant.  So here are my survival tips that may help you get through it a little easier.

-Get plenty of rest.   When you overextend yourself you can set off contractions.  Also, when you get over tired you are more susceptible to colds and flu.

-Drink plenty of water.   This always seems to be a good answer for most pregnancy related questions.

-Avoid crowds and sick people.  You are more susceptible to illnesses, like a germ magnet, when you’re pregnant

-Don’t travel if you’re within a month of your due date.  If you do travel take plenty of rest stop breaks.  Don’t risk driving in bad weather.

-Watch the extra calories. They add up quickly.  Remember you only need 300 extra calories/day when you’re pregnant.   The rest are likely to show up during next months weigh in.

-If you are away from home and are worried about possible contractions, get off your feet, take a warm bath, and drink a liter of water. More often than not this helps your uterus calm down

-If you are away from home and think you need medical attention go to a hospital emergency room in a hospital that provides obstetrical care.

-Check in with your baby and make sure he/she is moving.  It’s easy to get distracted and not pay attention.

-Don’t get induced just because it’s Christmas

We all want to be home for Christmas.   Home for Christmas is a phrase that resonates the whole season.  We know all the reasons and agree that most are emotionally valid.

Inducing labor before baby is ready increases the risk for prematurity, NICU admissions, and feeding problems.  Most hospitals lately have adapted the 39 week rule anyway in response to all these complications.  Unless you are 39 weeks gestation most providers and hospitals will not allow you to be induced without a medical reason.

If it is your first baby you almost double the risk of a cesarean section if you have your labor induced.  Recovering from surgery would surely put a damper on the holidays.

It is important to note that there is recent research that suggests that waiting until 40 weeks or more can improve things like cognitive development of your baby.

Christmas is it the most wonderful time of the year.  If you’re pregnant just take a step back, savor the holidays, and don’t over extend yourself.  Remind yourself about the true meaning of Christmas. That it all began with the birth of a very special baby…..Merry Christmas!