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The Midwife Experience

The Midwife Experience Many women seem to be searching for something more from their birth experience.  How is having a baby with a nurse midwife different? Midwives have a different viewpoint of birth.  We see childbirth as a normal physiologic event in a woman’s...

What’s a Midwife?

What’s a Midwife? The first response I usually get from people who are unfamiliar with midwives is “so, you deliver babies at peoples’ houses?  While some midwives continue to have a home birth practice this actually accounts for less than 5% of all midwife deliveries...

Midwife blog

Welcome to Mid-City Midwives!   We are excited for the opportunity to enter into private practice with the physicians and nurse practitioners of Mid-City OB/GYN. Marilyn Lowe, Cece Norton, Bridget Wieczorek, Erin Lavin and Amanda Lura, formally the Methodist Midwives,...

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